"Aminal" Blocks is a product designed in collaboration with three interns at Studio Dunn under the direction of Asher Dunn.
Crafted from sustainably harvested maple, cherry, and walnut, the “Aminal” Blocks set contains 12 unique animal pieces: owl, hippo, kangaroo, polar bear, squid, chameleon, rhino, panda, eagle, sloth, whale, and elephant. The set derives its name from the common toddler mispronunciation of the word “animal”. While children may choose to use them as building blocks, adults can also enjoy the blocks as decorative objects on a coffee table or shelf. 

This product is made primarily of offcut lumber from larger products that DUNN produces, making it a very sustainable product. For this reason, the species of wood for each block may vary based on the available size of our offcuts. You can expect that each set contains animals in all three hardwoods: maple, cherry, and walnut. Recommended for ages 2+.

Photo Credits: Studio Dunn